The Artist Behind our Zodiac Capsule
Student | Artist | Creative

Skai Reynolds, is a rising college Freshman pursuing a degree in Fine Arts in NYC. Skai has won awards for innovation by the Small Business Administration and for her artwork storytelling of equity and racial justice by a community non-profit organization, in her hometown of NJ.

In 2020, Skai was commissioned by The Riveter, an online publication representing equity for working women to reimagine her version of the iconic “Rosie The Riveter” image. The image represented the portrayal of a young Black woman as the American icon. Skai has partnered with Evryday Jane to reinvent the zodiac to reflect the signs through Black hair. Each astrological sign was hand drawn and painted using mixed media techniques to capture every strand of hair.

If Skai isn’t writing, creating artwork, or planning college life, she can be found yelling at her brother and sister and playing with her dog Kermit.

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