EVRYDAY JANE is a brand that offers comfort, care + functionality for a woman in motion. By removing the complexities of maintaining a versatile wardrobe, EVRYDAY JANE lets you get back to your life by offering effortless, thoughtful collections that speak to who you truly are.


The unwavering, bold spirit of our consumers drives the essence of the EVRYDAY JANE brand, creating special space for women to let-go and embrace life around them.

Founders Story

Rakia Reynolds, the leading lady behind the brand, has built a successful career for herself as a Communications Expert and Entrepreneur behind multimedia agency Skai Blue Media. The lifestyle she leads is a busy one, between her role as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, team leader, entrepreneur, friend and much more— Rakia and many women she encounters are on the move, putting everything and everyone before themselves, sometimes forgetting to make the necessary space for their desires entirely. In Rakia’s innovative nature, this need, once recognized became a passionate pain point — which she analyzed from many angles and decided to solve it by creating EVRYDAY JANE— focused on offering functional essentials for women in motion.

With this brand, Rakia is driven to make a unique space in the women’s wear market that celebrates the women it’s made for, as they are— offering clothes that speak to their personal, everyday needs and evoke nuances of her personal style.