EVRYDAY JANE is a modern lifestyle brand, driven to celebrate the beauty of diversity and inclusivity within the apparel market. We offer unique wardrobe essentials that speak to the personal, everyday needs of a life in motion.

Our Story

EVRYDAY JANE is the brainchild of Rakia Reynolds, communications expert and entrepreneur behind multimedia agency Skai Blue Media.

While reflecting on her busy lifestyle, and those of the many people she encountered throughout her day, Rakia recognized the need for a functional wardrobe that addressed the complexities of being a modern traveler. This need became her mission, examined from many angles, and developed into EVRYDAY JANE.

To expand her creative vision for EVRYDAY JANE, Rakia partnered with longtime friend and collaborator, Aaron Gray, a NYC based designer, entrepreneur, and brand consultant.

Aaron and Rakia first met while representing various fashion brands within the digital retail space. During this time, they gained a unique understanding of the industry and began to brainstorm creative ways to one day launch their own brand.

Together, the pair have nurtured EVRYDAY JANE, guided by the principles of comfort, care, and functionality – and an intentional focus on creating moments of cultural equity for the communities they serve.