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Skai Reynolds, is a rising college Freshman pursuing a degree in Fine Arts in NYC. Skai has won awards for innovation by the Small Business Administration and for her artwork storytelling of equity and racial justice by a community non-profit organization, in her hometown of NJ.

In 2020, Skai was commissioned by The Riveter, an online publication representing equity for working women to reimagine her version of the iconic “Rosie The Riveter” image. The image represented the portrayal of a young Black woman as the American icon. Skai has partnered with Evryday Jane to reinvent the zodiac to reflect the signs through Black hair. Each astrological sign was hand drawn and painted using mixed media techniques to capture every strand of hair.

If Skai isn’t writing, creating artwork, or planning college life, she can be found yelling at her brother and sister and playing with her dog Kermit.

#MuseOfJane Yvonne O'Donnell


OCCUPATION? I am a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.  I work in an OB/GYN clinic in Camden, NJ.  I am also a mother of 5.

WEARING A UNIFORM TO WORK EVERY DAY, WHAT ROLE DOES FASHION PLAY IN YOUR LIFE?  DO YOU WEAR ANYTHING TO PERSONALIZE YOUR UNIFORM WHILE WORKING? I try to personalize my uniform by adding at least one “pop”, whether it’s my eyeglasses, a print/pattern of clothing, or even just by fluffing [up] my hair a little extra.  I alternate between wearing scrubs to the office and dressing in “business casual” attire. I love the Tori Trench because [I can wear it to work with] a solid color pair of scrubs under it [and still] feel super stylish!

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE?  WHAT DO YOU TYPICALLY WEAR WHEN YOU’RE NOT WORKING? The very dynamic changes in my body during these years of having children has greatly shaped my personal style.  Practicality, comfort, and support are my basic criteria.  I was a night shift, bedside nurse for over 10 yrs before becoming a nurse practitioner so scrubs were my attire for a large portion of the week. When I wasn’t working or recovering from night shifts, comfort and super basic clothes were my everyday go-to.  Now that I have the flexibility to wear clothes other than scrubs, I want my clothes to be a reflection of how I see myself because I am more than a mom and nurse practitioner. 

#MusesOfJane: Pam and Leah

NAME: Pam Sinderbrand

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OCCUPATION: Interior Designer

EDJ: HOW DID/DOES BEING A MOTHER AFFECT YOUR DAILY LIFE AND THE CLOTHES YOU WEAR? PAM: I didn’t want to dress “like a mom” [and] it was really important for me to still have my own sense of style. I wanted to be the mom who could wear a cashmere sweater while holding my baby. Now as a grandmother, I dress much more casually and reach for jeans and soft colorful tees. If I could tell my younger self as a mother one thing – it would be “wear more comfortable shoes.”

EDJ: WHAT VALUES WERE INSTILLED IN YOU THAT YOU HOLD TRUE TO THIS DAY, AND HOW DOES THIS AFFECT YOUR DECISION MAKING? PAM: It doesn’t have to be expensive to look good and feel fabulous. Recycle and wear vintage. Your clothes are an extension of how you’re feeling. Don’t follow a trend.

#MuseOfJane: Cassie Scanlon

NAME: Cassie Scanlon

OCCUPATION: Designer/ Graduate Student


EDJ: WHAT ARE THE BEST WAYS TO START YOUR MORNING/CENTER YOURSELF? CASSIE: I like to start with a glass of water and [health]supplements when I wake up. It’s one way for me to nourish and hydrate early and consistently. Then I’ll wash-up quickly and do morning pages and water my plants. If I don’t feel like writing and want to be more active, I’ll go for a quick ride (10 -15 min) on my bike. Either way, I like to follow up with iced espresso and a light breakfast. It’s a nice way to take care of the small but important things and get out any stagnant mental or physical energy.

EDJ: IS THERE IS A WOMAN/PERSON YOU’VE LOOKED UP TO AS A CHILD, WHO’S HELPED TO SHAPE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? CASSIE: Definitely my mother. She wore a suit to work during most of her career, so I always admired watching her get done up in her suit for work as a kid. I think it’s why I appreciate well-tailored separates accessories and dark neutrals (black, grey, navy, etc) which I mix with casual basics.

#MuseOfJane: Christanna Ciabattoni

NAME: Christanna Ciabattoni

OCCUPATION: Director of Media & Strategic Communications, Skai Blue Media

EDJ: HAVE YOU BEEN GETTING DRESSED EVRYDAY? WHAT HAVE THOSE OUTFITS LOOKED LIKE? CHRISTANNA: Most days I put on a workout set, not only for comfort, but so I have no excuse not to exercise at the end of the day. Some days I’ll wake up with the urge to “get dressed” and put on relaxed jeans and a tee shirt or crew neck. One day I needed a burst of energy, so I put on a neon orange top. Another day I felt sporty and wore an Ivy Park tracksuit.

EDJ: HAVE THE ASPECTS  OF NOT BEING VIEWED IN THE PUBLIC CHANGED YOUR STYLE CHOICES? CHRISTANNA: My style is usually more relaxed, and I incorporate a lot of athleisure into my looks. I wear sweatshirts with skirts, heels with sweatpants, Jordan’s with dresses, etc. Now that I’m home, I  do find myself wearing the same things over and over again — so if anything, just less variety.

#MuseOfJane: Alixe Wiley

NAME: Alixe Wiley

OCCUPATION: Social Media Community Manager

EDJ: HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? ALIXE: “Mood-based. I like to assess how I’m feeling at the start of each day while I’m practicing my daily mindful meditation. This usually determines what colors, fabrics, and shapes I gravitate towards when I’m putting together an outfit. For me, my personal style is how I express the multiplicity of my identity and how I see myself in my mind’s eye. I love pieces that are well-made, stand out, and that I can layer in different ways and pair with unique second-hand accessories I find while thrifting.”

EDJ: HOW DO YOU PREPARE FOR A BUSY DAY? ALIXE: “Writing lists has always helped me to stop ruminating over the unchangeable past and future and focus on the present. Also, I have poor memory. Before bed I’ll write down everything I want to accomplish so that I’m prepared to jump right into tomorrow’s tasks. Having a balanced breakfast also sets me up for success.”

#MuseOfJane Check-In w/ Roxanne

NAME: Roxanne Hancock

EDJ: HOW HAS QUARANTINE BEEN FOR YOU IN NYC? ROXANNE: “Fortunately, we are still able to go to the park and enjoy other outdoor spaces and activities, so it has not been an ultimate confinement like many parts of Europe.  

I am also an introvert, so I enjoy spending lots of time alone. In fact, I have spent more time connecting with friends and my high school art teacher, so it has been quite nice in that aspect.   

I can say that the feeling of general support and “connected-ness” during difficult times is central to our being. I appreciate our 7:00 p.m. appreciation with applause, pots clanging and cars honking.  Quintessential New York!”



#MuseOfJane: Ashley Po

NAME: Ashley Po

OCCUPATION: Fashion Buyer

EDJ: HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? ASHLEY:Overall, my style is pretty minimal. I like to invest in high-quality fabrics that last for years. I love the soft, yet sleek look of neutral colors and muted tones. I like my vibe to be classy, but with an edge or soft, but strong.”

EDJ: HOW DO YOU PREPARE FOR A BUSY DAY? ASHLEY: “I plan and prepare everything the night before. I usually have a checklist of my tasks and what I need to have with me.”

#MuseOfJane: Roxanne Hancock

NAME: Roxanne Hancock

OCCUPATION: Commercial Model

EDJ: HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? ROXANNE:A revolving dichotomy: Some times very classic/monastic and other times a freewheeling bohemian.” 

EDJ: HOW DO YOU PREPARE FOR A BUSY DAY?ROXANNE: “I need to do so well; by keeping my style effortless and my Bikram yoga gear ready in my tote for an impromptu class.”  

EDJ: WHAT ROLE DOES FASHION PLAY IN YOUR LIFE? ROXANNE: “Fashion sets the mood so that one can begin to tell the story without breathing a word.”

EDJ: IS THERE IS A WOMAN/PERSON YOU’VE LOOKED UP TO AS A CHILD, WHO’S HELPED TO SHAPE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? ROXANNE: “My mother. She used to sew her own clothing and make new outfits from Vogue and McCall patterns and model them to work the next day. The block that leads from our house was like a fashion runway.”

Philadelphia Magazine: How to Navigate Your Office’s Summer Dress Code

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Wear what works for you, recommends Rakia Reynolds, co-founder of clothing brand EVRYDAY JANE

As a mom, I am completely time challenged. I have three kids. I have a husband. For me it’s always been what I put on at 6 a.m. is what I’m going to have on before I take my clothes off at 10 p.m. I live vicariously sometimes through the people at [my PR firm] because they’ll [say], “Oh, I’m going to get changed to go out after work.”

I’ve got to keep this same thing on all day. It has to inspire me. I created EVRYDAY JANE for people whose lives are in motion. It’s designed for people that work in offices today.

We should start looking at the people that are wearing suits and ties and heels. Is it accommodating for your lifestyle?

The Story Began...

Rakia Reynolds, the leading lady behind the brand, has built a successful career for herself as a Communications Expert and Entrepreneur behind multimedia agency Skai Blue Media. The lifestyle she leads is a busy one, between her role as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, team leader, entrepreneur, friend and much more— Rakia and many women she encounters are on the move, putting everything and everyone before themselves, sometimes forgetting to make the necessary space for their desires entirely. In Rakia’s innovative nature, this need, once recognized became a passionate pain point — which she analyzed from many angles and decided to solve it by creating EVRYDAY JANE— focused on offering functional essentials for women in motion.

With this brand, Rakia is driven to make a unique space in the women’s wear market that celebrates the women it’s made for, as they are— offering clothes that speak to their personal, everyday needs and evoke nuances of her personal style.